EAG Reactions

EAG Reactions, a new initiative, is a series of online webinars coupled with engaging round table discussions, designed to foster robust connections between diverse scientific communities. Bridging gaps between students and researchers, academia and industry professionals, across continents and disciplines, Reactions serves as a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour, and will start with presentations (20 to 25 minutes) by experts in their field followed by ‘round table’ discussions.

EAG Reactions are open to all, and registration is free! Our next EAG reactions will take place in the fall 2024.

EAG Reactions 8 March 2024: Academics working on carbon dioxide removal (CDR) projects

To address the pressing challenge of global warming and its associated impacts, numerous scientists are collaborating with carbon dioxide removal (CDR) companies to curb CO2 emissions. These companies are actively engaged in research aimed at removing CO2 from the atmosphere, while others concentrate on verifying various geoengineering techniques. In this Reactions, Rebecca Tyne (Isometric) and Noah Planavsky (Professor at Yale; senior contributing scientist at Environmental Defense Fund and Cascade Climate) shared their experience working on CDR projects from an academic perspective.

About the Speakers

Rebecca Tyne

Rebecca is a geochemist with a particular interest in multi-isotope and biogeochemical tracing of crustal fluids. In both her Ph.D. at the University of Oxford and Postdoctoral Fellowship at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, she has worked on identifying and understanding the processes affecting subsurface CO₂ storage within the subsurface. She now works on using these to ensure subsurface durability.

Noah Planavsky

Noah Planavsky, Ph.D., is a professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Yale University, specializing in applying isotope geochemistry to better understand modern, ancient, and future biogeochemical cycles. In addition to his appointment at Yale, he currently serves as a senior contributing scientist at Environmental Defense Fund and Cascade Climate, working to combat the climate crisis by mitigating anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions through an enhanced rock weathering.

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