The European Association of Geochemistry, EAG, was officially established in 1985 with the goal of promoting geochemistry internationally, specifically providing a forum for the presentation of geochemistry, exchange of ideas, publications, and recognition of scientific excellence.

We serve as a scholarly publisher, convene virtual and in-person events, confer awards, organize lecture tours, and provide career support.
We seek to promote excellence in scientific research by setting and promoting standards and best practices, strengthening the integrity of published and presented research and leveraging our science to help society worldwide.
We are particularly committed to the open sharing of information, data, and research across international boundaries.
We encourage our membership to engage in addressing systemic barriers to participation in geochemistry and cosmochemistry.

Goldschmidt Conference

The main activity of the EAG is the organization of the Goldschmidt Conferences® on odd-numbered years in Europe, in partnership with the Geochemical Society. The Goldschmidt conference is designed as the primary meeting worldwide for the presentation and exchange of scientific ideas in geochemistry.


  • The EAG publishes Geochemical Perspectives Letters, an open access community journal that publishes short, high-quality articles spanning geochemical sciences.
  • The EAG publishes Geochemical Perspectives, an invited-contribution journal which articles present the evolution of a field of geochemistry.
  • The EAG is a participating publisher in Elements.
  • The EAG is affiliated with the journal Chemical Geology.

Awards & Special Lectures

The EAG recognizes scientific excellence through the following Awards and Special Lectures:

Early Career Support


Event Sponsorship

  • Event Sponsorship: the EAG supports workshops and small conferences in Europe, organized by EAG members


The EAG works with many other learned societies to promote geochemistry internationally and has made formal partnership agreements with 15 scientific societies.


EAG Governance

The EAG is run by a Council made of seven officer-councillors and nine to eleven councillors. The officer-councillors include the President, Vice-President, Past-President, Treasurer, Secretary and two Goldschmidt Officers. The Council is chaired by the President. The Presidential cycle is of six years: two as Vice-President, two as President and two as Past-President. The EAG also counts several committees (two of which are shared with the Geochemical Society).

Learn more about the EAG, its initiatives and finances in the 2022 EAG Report to Members.