EAG Partnerhips

The European Association of Geochemistry, EAG, works informally with many other learned societies to promote geochemistry internationally. This is in the form of outreach programs, eminent speaker awards, sponsorship of science sessions, presentation of awards and promotion of the Goldschmidt conference as a venue for all geochemistry related societies. EAG is also making more formal links with some societies and is pleased to announce these below.

Geochemical Society, GS

Details of the EAG-GS partnership

Geochemical Society of Japan, GSJ

Details of the EAG-GSJ partnership

Association Française pour l’Etude du Quaternaire, AFEQ

Details of the EAG-AFEQ partnership

Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft, DMG

Details of the EAG-DMG partnership

European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers, EAGE

Details of the EAG-EAGE partnership

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Hungarian Geological Society, HGS

Details of the EAG-HGS partnership

International Association of GeoChemistry, IAGC

Details of the EAG-IAGC partnership

International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior, IAVCEI

Details of the EAG-IAVCEI partnership

International Society for Environmental Biogeochemistry, ISEB

Details of the EAG-ISEB partnership

Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland, MSGBI

Details of the EAG-MSGBI partnership

Sociedad Española de Mineralogía, SEM

Details of the EAG-SEM partnership

Société Française des IsotopeS, SFIS


Details of the EAG-SFIS partnership

Société Française de Minéralogie et de Cristallographie, SFMC

Details of the EAG-SFMC partnership

Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits, SGA

Details of the EAG-SGA partnership

Società Geologica Italiana, SGI

Details of the EAG-SGI partnership

Società Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia, SIMP

Details of the EAG-SIMP partnership