Early Career Science Ambassadors

To promote Early Career Scientists, the European Association of Geochemistry has created the Early Career Science Ambassador Program.

This program is aimed at Early Career Scientists based in Europe who wish to attend conferences outside Europe, except for the Goldschmidt conference. The program also supports Early Career Scientists based in any country who plan to attend a fully virtual or hybrid conference online. The program will support up to 6 scientists per year. The program is aimed to fund conference attendance, not related events such as field trips.

Supported scientists attending a conference in person will have 50% of their expenses (registration* & abstract fees, travel and accomodation costs) covered by EAG, up to 1500 Euros. Those attending a conference online will receive funding to cover registration* and abstract fees.

Supported scientists will be viewed as EAG Ambassadors while attending the event.

During the event, EAG Ambassadors should display EAG’s support on their presentation or poster (EAG logo, acknowledgements etc).

Following the event, supported scientists should provide a short report on their experience, including a few photos, for publication on the EAG Blog.

If data presented at the event appears in a publication, EAG’s support should be acknowledged.

*When registering for the conference, please make sure to use all available discount rates – reimbursement of the conference fee will in general be based on the lowest rate (early student registration, if applicable, or member registration rate).

Conditions to apply

  • Applicants should be in the final stages of their PhD or within 6 years post PhD
  • Applicants for a conference in-person should be based in Europe and wish to attend a conference held outside Europe (except a Goldschmidt conference).
    For applications to attend online, applicants may be based in any country (Europe/outside Europe) and wish to attend a virtual or hybrid event hosted anywhere in the world.
  • The conference that the applicant wishes to attend must take place a minimum of 4 weeks after the application deadline
  • Applicants should present a talk or a poster at the conference they wish to attend
  • Applicants should be EAG members (check membership or join / renew)

To apply

Applications should be submitted through the online form below, with the following:

  • Cover letter (one page maximum) outlining: your motivation/reasons for attending the event, related to the nature of the event and the event objectives, and the expected impact of attending the event on your career.
  • Short CV (one page maximum), optionally highlighting achievements that are relevant for the event.
  • Support letter (addressed to the Committee) from the applicant’s supervisor
  • Abstract
  • Proof of payment of accommodation/registration in the applicant’s name


Deadlines to send requests are 1 March, 1 June and 1 October. A response from EAG will then be given within four weeks following each deadline.

How will my application be evaluated?

Applications will be evaluated by the Committee based on the following criteria, as expressed by the candidate in their application:

  • Impact/Motivation (50%) candidate’s motivation for attending the event; candidate’s scientific background in relation to the event and the stage of the candidate’s career (nature of conference, late PhD, junior postdoc…); impact of attending the event on career prospects; how the goals of the event relate to the project and career stage.
  • Scientific quality of candidate & abstract/scientific goals (50%): quality of abstract/scientific goals; quality of the candidate in relation to their career stage and achievements that are relevant to the event (e.g., original papers, learning of critical skills, development of methods…).

Submit your application here: