F.G. Houtermans Award

About the F.G. Houtermans Award

The F.G. Houtermans award is bestowed annually by the EAG in recognition of exceptional contributions to geochemistry by an early career scientist. It is named in honor of Friedrich Georg Houtermans, a Dutch-Austrian-German physicist.

To be eligible, nominees must be within 12 years equivalent full time employment (in an academic environment) from the commencement of their PhD, which must be completed.
Eligibility is determined by the status of the candidate at the close of the year in which nominations are received and not the year the award is presented; hence, for the 2025 F.G. Houtermans Award, candidates should have started their PhD in 2012 at the earliest (but see information on career breaks here).
Nominations of underrepresented groups are encouraged.

We are committed to promoting the diversity of our awardees, to recognizing a wide range of different types of exceptional contribution, and we acknowledge the different career paths that lead to the achievement of such contributions.

The award is presented annually at the Goldschmidt Conference. The award consists of an engraved medal, an honorarium (1000 Euros) and a certificate.

Recipient of the 2024 Houtermans Award:
Feifei Zhang

Nanjing University, China

Feifei Zhang is recognized for his important contributions to analysis of biosphere-environment co-evolution based on non-traditional isotopes (Fe, U, Li, Ca, Ba, Tl) combined with numerical modeling. His doctoral research helped to establish the carbonate U-isotope proxy as a global-ocean redox indicator, opening new avenues of research in paleoceanographic studies. His more recent work has focused on development of isotopic proxies for continental weathering, marine productivity, and ocean acidification. Read more

The 2024 Houtermans Award Lecture will bepresented at the Goldschmidt2024 Conference in Chicago, USA, in August 2024.

Former recipients of the Houtermans Award